Your Productivity Peak

Posted by Terrence Morris

Plagiarism is  a big important thing here now when you’re writing the paper coming if you have to write really going papers what’s the longest pick brief written okay all right you’re you’re special what was the longest when you’ve ever 10 pages you okay so what I want you to think about is writing a long paper all right for our purposes we’re going to talk about 15 to 20 page paper okay this is double spaced so don’t think oh my goodness i’m going to have to think of something and ride for 20 pages single-spaced. Get more tips on productivity at Edusson.

You know with little tiny margins you want to format it so that no never ever ever have less than one inch margins okay you never want to do anything less than double space all right now there will be times when you’re thinking oh I’ve got so much to say and they told us we can’t go over six pages and i’m going to use space and a half or not giving use 9.2 bond okay well what you have to remember is who’s reading it and what are they going to do with I’m reading it I’m looking to see if the ideas make students and the grammars correct and all of that stuff but what are you doing what’s the professor reading it for they’re making sure you understand the information and based on whether you understand that information you get a you get a great alright if they are so tired that they can’t read it if you use nine point font and they can’t read it what kind of greater you can get I am so tired if I just don’t even play in this okay so you want to think in terms of what is reasonable no less than one inch margins and I’ll tell you for me I want 12 point font but you may want to go down to 11.1 back pay attention to the default music if I say Times New Roman and you can go down to 11 point font that’s okay.

But have any have you ever seen some fonts where it says it’s 12 point and it’s already microscopic then you don’t want to go to 11 and think about who’s going to be reading it and the purpose of why they’re reading it okay i recommend that you schedule time and that you block it okay if you have a calendar and you keep the calendar then you want to walk one-hour increments to our increments if you can stand it or commit all afternoon hey have a four hour when do you do your best work hey do you know at night okay all right well I’m one of those people who does it best in the morning I can get up at five o’clock and do a whole lot more and it’s better than if i try to stay at past nine o’clock and right at nine o’clock fall asleep so you have to know when you do your best work.