Research Style Manual

Posted by Terrence Morris

Have any of you ever written a wonderful wonderful paper and the professor Houton handed it back to you and said we need citations okay well I am it was a great paper and they said have citations alright well I knew where everything had come from because I had to develop that system by this time Adam in there and they wanted it hey I was able to go back insert it printed out again and turn it in okay but you know ahead of time that you’re going to need citations now we talked i know that some of you are in different areas sociology psychology different places so depending on what you’re doing you’ve got to know what’s the style manual they expect you to follow. Find out more about research paper styles on Edusson.

Okay because I ecology it’s going to be the APA American Psychological Association but if you’re in English is probably going to be in LA okay the Modern Language Association if you’re in something else and trust me I’ve got a stack of them this wide so i’ve got i think everyone that anybody’s using on this campus you got to know their style the style menu will give you information about it how to set up your citations what they should look like all of them so you’re there anything you’ve got to know what style me and I read a lot of device in my job and if there’s a paper on there they will tell you in the syllabus use this style manual or they will tell you exactly how they want it turned in and how they want it so everybody do you know what sound I know you’re supposed to be using in your all right so with the with an idea of what you’re doing them university studies where you got three areas you may have to know three different kinds of styles falling down.

Because in economics I haven’t really you know done economics but I have done a marketing person who worked with an economics professor and so I know what she had to do so they’ve got they got their sháá mingle or they’ve got something that they want you to follow just find out what it is ok now I’m going to tell you when you’re taking notes be selective figure out what is the most recent and most relevant information if you’re supposed to be looking at economic upheaval in the past 20 years where are you going to cut off looking at stuff where 20 years ago ok so it is not relevant don’t pull it out we had a student who wanted to include in their thesis some articles from a journal that were dated in the 1920s ok so we’re going oh my goodness no that can’t be relevant you certainly had to have more information than that but it had a specific piece of information that he wanted in it so I’m not telling you can’t ever use anything that’s old but you need to be looking at what’s most relevant.