Research Paper Sections

Posted by Terrence Morris

If  you know that you work and write best at night that’s when we want to block your time if you know it’s your best in the morning that’s what you want to go up your time okay so you have those opportunities then the other thing I’m going to tell you is can you write a favorite one city so what you want to do you want to give yourself an opportunity we talked about fighting the first drafts I’m going to tell you that you want to take especially if it’s a 15 to 20 page paper you want to take it anyone do it chunks want to do your introduction. Learn more on research paper structure on Edusson.

You want to do first section second section third section then you want to do your conclusion or you may want to wait Roger introduction that’s very end when you have gotten everything else done its entire but it was important ok so we talked about plagiarism and we toss it up inadvertently sounding like you had plagiarized someone else’s work okay here’s we’re taking notes is important all right you want to develop a system that will follow you through the entire time that you’re right okay so develop a system when you write do you take notes by hand or do you take notes on a computer oops oh okay who does it mostly buddy okay and who did it mostly by computer all right so we’re about splitting it doesn’t matter to me which way you would just develop a system develop a system where you know that this is their work okay.

Even if you’re writing it in your own words you want to say okay this is there so if you’re doing it on a computer you may do it in colors so blue means I’m summarizing what they said and red means this is a word for word what they said were to work then you want to be able to tell me who said it who are the authors of the paper or whatever else it is you’re looking at the textbook the chapter you know what’s the source what’s the cage network all right you want to get as much information so that it’s easy for you to create your citation all right you want to know if you read the entire article and you summarize the entire article and you want to know and its pages 60 through 72 if you took a quote out of there it’s quoted word for word then you want to know exactly what page that’s all you want that so that the next person who reads what you’ve written can go back and find it that’s all you’re doing is you’re providing the next person a roadmap to get back to avoid Norman so that’s what your bibliography is that’s what your reference listed that’s what your citation is so roadmap to get back to where you said you got it.