Puprose Of The Study

Posted by Terrence Morris

Statement about the purpose of the study is a nice thing to hand to a reader on a silver platter so they know exactly what the purpose of the study is about so rather than a tendency that to read three paragraphs about self-disclosure and then three paragraphs about college stress and then three paragraphs and you don’t have enough room to do that and that’s not the way that these papers are written so it’s a very concise and precise way of expressing the purpose of the study so you see the purpose of the study is to explore the differences in disclosure of college related experiences and proximity of relevant social networks in comparison to other college freshmen so it’s different style of writing than textbooks but it is very precise and it’s a efficient a very efficient way to get a lot of information in a short place and once you get more used to reading these if you aren’t already then you’ll see that you actually get to cut out a lot of extra time and just get right to the point. Find out more about statements in research on Edusson.

So past that first paragraph you’re going to support your arguments by giving evidence informing the reader of the main topics showing results of previous studies organized within themes pointing out strengths of weakness and research done in these areas it’s even stronger in a paper to find contradictory evidence and then address it and use the glue of logic to explain why it’s still a good study despite some people having found some contradictory evidence because you’ve found a lot of evidence that does support your study and then sell it to me so it’s showing the reader that there is a need for your research synthesize make educated inference based off of multiple sources it indicates how much you understand about a topic so by understanding your articles in the first place summarizing paraphrasing and then synthesizing and then making inferences about the themes.

Then that is a deep level of knowledge about the paper and the more you understand it the easier the paper is to write so you’re breaking down information by main topic so these different areas these are potential pillars of support to find articles that form the bricks college is a stressful life event first-generation college students stress stress disclosure those different categories of information and you might find that multiple articles address multiple pillars but you pull out that part from that article and put it in that argument rather than talking about the whole article all at once including lots of different themes that would then leave it for the reader to put together and wouldn’t show much knowledge and would be much more difficult to read you also want to talk about benefits so in this the act of disclosing details stressful life event reduces the stress enhances both academic success overall health so that can show how important that research is.