Plagiarism In Research

Posted by Terrence Morris

We’re going to talk about how to write a paper in the humanities information that can go into any field so you’ve got opportunities all right so plagiarism how many of you have ever heard ignorance that the law is no excuse that was one of the things like that always it I didn’t know what the speed limit was okay it’s your responsibility to know the law and it’s your responsibility to know the rules plagiarism is when you take someone else’s words or work and claim it as your own I said this. Read more material on plagiarism in research area at Edusson.

I did this I wrote this and if you didn’t then that’s plagiarism and it’s very important that you be careful with this because you can get expelled you can flunk a class you can be expelled from you so plagiarism is a very important thing yes in that factor I come to this situation I do not say it’s my opinion I just and the cookies but without and the citation or some things that offend our pleasure absolutely if it’s not your words and it’s not your work then you would have decided where it came from who said it whose work it was his research it was and you cite that what’s your name sociology ok so in sociology you may be looking at case studies or statistical information whatever it is but if it’s not yours if you didn’t do the research you have to sign that either the article that it came from the research the person you know there are lots of ways to get information you can actually have an interview with someone but that would have to be cited in my conversation with fill in the blank Samuel Adams we discussed whoa whoa whoa mobloc but that’s a citation.

That’s telling them that the information came from Samuel Adams don’t you sometimes it’s a coincidence I think I that accident it’s just I have this up and the ideas or information but just created it with other people but i do not know it’s back old idea well one of the things that’s going to be very very careful about is that you make a distinction between but you know that you have taken notes from someone else and what is your own ideas because you know we have software programs here at the University we can put your paper through that software program and it will tell us the percentage you know likelihood that it is plagiarized okay now you there is that you know that gray area of where you say well you know I’m talking about the same thing they’re talking about but it’s my research or I did this or whatever and there is that great area but you want to be very very careful that you never claimed to have done the research that you haven’t or to have to use word for word from someone else’s research.